Pennsylvania Reports High Fingerprint Errors

It looks like Pennsylvania has dropped the ball in the fingerprinting game. According to law enforcement agencies across the state, 400-500 sets of fingerprints from Pennsylvania have been rejected by the FBI due to errors. In an article by Gary Weckselblatt, he wrote that  the prints were unreadable, meaning suspects and convicted criminals are likely not being entered into the national database.

Weckselblatt said that electronic scan is the more modern way to take prints. Law enforcement can quickly retake electronic scans (Live Scans).

“Ideally, he said, the mistakes would end if each police department had an electronic system to record fingerprints,”  Weckselblatt wrote.

All I can say is California is taken care of. Not only is Certifix Live Scan not close to touching that error rate, but we work quickly and accurately.

“The electronic scan is the more modern way to take prints. If there’s a mistake in that process, law enforcement knows immediately and can retake the prints. That technology is more costly, though, and some departments find it is beyond their budgets,” Weckselblatt wrote.

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