Japan and US Agree To Exchange Fingerprint Information

According to an article by Global Post, “Japan and the United States agreed, today, to conclude a pact to enable them to provide each other with instant access to fingerprint data to check the identities of individuals suspected of involvement in serious crimes such as terrorism.”

The two countries will be able to seek out fingerprint information when terrorists or foreign suspects enter either country.

The article added: “In Japan, the National Police Agency operates the fingerprint database, which contains the fingerprints of some 10.2 million people. The pact excludes those who are not under indictment or were found not guilty in a past legal action, as well as juvenile offenders who were placed in protective custody.”

You can never be too safe, and biometrics is definitely the way of the future when comes to verifying humans and identities. Certifix Live Scan, although just a small piece of the pie, contributes to a lot of safe decisions when companies decide to hire people.

Here’s a  short video on the science of biometrics: Science of Innovation

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