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FBI Criminal Background Check

Submitting an Identification Record Request to the FBI
Step 1: Complete the Applicant Information Form.

If the request is for a couple, family, etc., all persons must sign the form.
Include your complete mailing address. Please provide your telephone number and/or e-mail address, if available.

Step 2: Obtain a set of your fingerprints.

Provide the original fingerprint card. Previously processed cards [...]

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California Personal Use Background check

Access to criminal history summary records maintained by the DOJ is restricted by law to legitimate law enforcement purposes and authorized applicant agencies. However, individuals have the right to request a copy of their own criminal history record from the Department to review for accuracy and completeness. Requests from third parties are not authorized and [...]

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More Live Scan Information

Certifix offers low price walk in fingerprint services, live scan services or electronic fingerprints, and fbi fingerprinting cards, we are also the premier digital fingerprint provider in Southern California live scan and the CA live scan network.  Biometric fingerprints and fingerprint security are exceptionally important to us, we implement controls and maintain a secure fingerprint [...]

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24 Hour Automated Telephone Service

24-hour Automated Telephone Service Available:
If a requesting agency does not have results within seven days and digital Live Scan fingerprints were submitted, you can use the automated telephone system to check on your submission. You will need the following information: (1) your date of birth; and (2) the 10-digit Automated Transaction Identifier (ATI) number that [...]

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Required Identification for Live Scan

The DOJ requires certified fingerprint rollers accept only current, valid, and unexpired picture identification documents as a primary valid identification.
Acceptable Primary forms of photo identification include any of the following:
Acceptable​ ​Primary​ ​Forms​ ​of​ ​ID
● State-issued driver’s license or State-issued ID
● U.S. Passport or U.S. Passport Card
● Federal Government Personal Identity Verification Card (PIV)
● Uniformed [...]

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Live Scan Result Delays

After Certifix Live Scan trained technician conducts your live scan fingerprint session. The results are returned to the applicant agency within three days, delays can occur though. Applicants should check, for the first seven days, with the applicant agency that requested the background review since the DOJ sends results directly to the applicant agency. Delays [...]

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How to Check on your Live Scan Results

For Applicants:
To check your Live Scan results you need to contact your “Requesting Agency”, you can find the information for your requesting agency on the Request for Live Scan form that you used when submitting your live scan transaction.
If your requesting agency has not received your Live Scan results yet, you can call the DOJ [...]

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Live Scan Applications

Certifix offers the most extensive resource for Live Scan applications and request forms, if you cannot find the form you need below please contact us at or call us Monday thru Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Your Live Scan paperwork may be hard to find and we are here to help! Certifix will email [...]

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Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan is an inkless electronic fingerprinting. Applicant fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice for completion of a criminal record check. The Live Scan technology replaces the process of recording fingerprint patterns through a rolling process using ink. Ink fingerprinting is still required in many states. Digitizing the fingerprint images enables service [...]

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Live Scan Rejections

To Live Scan Applicants,
Live Scan rejections are sometimes issued by the Department of Justice for various reasons, this includes poor quality of fingerprints or incorrect personal information. Any live scan applicant with a letter of rejection is entitled to do a resubmission at no extra charge. To do a livescan resubmission, [...]

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