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Is Apple’s IPhone the Future of Live Scan Fingerprinting?

According to a Reuters article, Apple Inc. is exploring integrating fingerprint technology into their iPhones. The presumed features of the upcoming iPhone 5S would include a sensor that would let you unlock your phone with a fingerprint instead of a passcode–heightening security for devices.
Last year, Apple, bought a mobile security firm called AuthenTec for $356,000,000 [...]

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Clyde Barrow Fingerprints Revealed

Yesterday, Louisiana State Police officials finally shared the fingerprint card of Clyde Barrow, one half of the notorious outlaw couple, Bonnie and Clyde. The couple was ambushed and killed in 1934 by Louisiana law officers.
According to a WAFB article by Amber Stegall, Louisiana State Police shared Clyde’s fingerprint card on their facebook page.
Wanted for murder, [...]

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Senate May Soon Pass Legislation For Foreign Labor Fingerprinting

On May 20, the Senate started the process of phasing in requiring immigrants to get fingerprinted upon leaving the US. In addition, lawmakers also agreed to make an immigrant’s third drunk driving conviction a deportable offense.
Senators wanted tougher conditions for industry leaning heavily on highly-skilled foreign labor. On Monday, Associated Press reported, “At its core, [...]

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