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Finger Scans Soon To Be Implemented In Day Care

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Last month, a federally subsidized Mississippi daycare approved a “controversial” finger scanning system, set to go into effect on Oct. 1. The Department of Human Services will be implementing system which parents must use to sign their children in and out. According to an article by Ron Maxey in The Commercial Appeal, proponents say it will save money and cause parents to visit preschools more often. Opponents argue the system is intrusive and creates technical headaches.


Parents and caregivers will have to go to county DHS offices to have their fingers scanned. Personally, I think this can be a good thing. Although, of course a bias is in place as a proponent of finger scanning, but this can greatly increase security in places that might not seem so secure. Kidnapping is a very serious issue and anything that makes sure the person in charge of a child at any time is responsible person greatly decreases the chance of kidnapping or abuse.


“Under the system, scans would be used to verify the identity of clients and ensure they are eligible to receive reduced-cost day care benefits.


Biometric fingerprint, palm vein and iris scans, along with gait and hand-wave recognition, are identification methods that can help improve  security, prevent fraud, reduce payroll errors and lower liability, according to a DHS news release,” wrote Maxey.


If this is true, imagine how safe parents would feel putting their children in the care of a stranger. Although the world isn’t some cesspool of evil behavior, you can never be to sure when the time and location is apt. Certifix Live Scan is prepared to handle any live scanning done in order to prepare for these finger scans. It’s all just a matter of time.


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