Fingerprint Locations

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Certifix Live Scan Fingerprinting has the largest network of live scan and ink card fingerprint locations in the State of California. For a list fingerprint locations, visit www.CertifixLiveScan.com. Certifix is the most professional livescan service provider in the State of California, we pride our self on high quality fingerprinting services. All of our livescan facilities and fingerprinting offices are walk-in based and the best thing of all, is there is almost always no waiting or minimal waiting. Certifix Live Scan is the number one online resource for high quality live scan and fingerprinting locations in California. For a list of locations you can also call Certifix at 1(800) 710-1934.
Live Scan Locations (Click Here)

Fingerprint Questions? Call: 1 (800) 710-1934

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