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Live Scan Fingerprinting Fingerprints Getting Rejected

How to Reduce the Risk of Your Fingerprints Getting Rejected

Have you ever input your ID and slammed your fingerprint on the machine, and nothing happened? You lift your finger, clean it with your hanky, and again, it gets rejected. Fingerprints are our unique identifiers – no two humans have the same fingerprints, not even identical twins. That’s the idea behind all biometrics, whether you’re…

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Certifix Live Scan Website Notary Public Services

Notary Public Services in California [Ultimate Guide]

Every day, thousands of transactions that needs a notary public take place in California. Transactions between strangers are becoming more common these days, which is why most documents are notarized to build trust and legal backing during these transactions. With very high lawyer fees, most California citizens need notaries that can be assigned to verify…

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