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Notary Public Services in California [Ultimate Guide]

Every day, thousands of transactions that needs a notary public take place in California. Transactions between strangers are becoming more common these days, which is why most documents are notarized to build trust and legal backing during these transactions. With very high lawyer fees, most California citizens need notaries that can be assigned to verify…

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Certifix Live Scan Website California Board of Nursing Licensing

California Board of Nursing Licensing Requirements [Ultimate Guide]

Are you considering getting a California Nursing license? Then you’re at the right place. This guide shall discuss all you need to know about the professional salary, employment outlook, and licensing requirements in California. This article will guide you on the California Board of Nursing Licensing Requirement. Let’s Start! How the Nursing Profession Is Regulated…

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Certifix Live Scan Website Black Friday

Top 10 online shopping sites for Black Friday 2021

It’s that time again, that wonderful time of the year with great sales, feverish online deals, and discounts like never before. November is well-known as Black November with its amazing sales from all retail stores. We have Black Friday, pre-sales of Black Friday, Thanksgiving sales, and Cyber Monday. Some of these sales start the week…

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Background Check company-representatives-reading-applicant-resume-hiring

5 Things You Need to Know About Pre-Employment Background Checks

Running a background check on a potential candidate is a vital step in the hiring process for any sized company. A background check is a thorough investigation into someone’s criminal record and their past to ensure you’re hiring qualified and trustworthy employees. It is a common problem that many applicants provide false information or exaggerate…

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