Top 10 online shopping sites for Black Friday 2019

It’s that time again, that wonderful time of the year with great sales, feverish online deals, and discounts like never before. November is well-known as Black November with its amazing sales from all retail stores. We have Black Friday, pre-sales of Black Friday, Thanksgiving sales, and Cyber Monday. Some of these sales start the week preceding Thanksgiving and last until the end of the month!

Every year online shopping on Black Friday is more than the year before, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s great! With online shopping you can avoid the long waiting in lines, being shoved and fighting over items, and the “out of stock” terror that happens too soon.

But as amazing as online shopping is, we need to be careful. Unfortunately, with the holidays come all the fake ads and shady online sellers. To guarantee you won’t get scammed, it’s best to shop at reputable stores. There are thousands of online stores to shop from that are well known, however, there are a few that live up to their reputation and will satisfy your needs. (more…)

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