Potential Employees May Need Fingerprinting

When you need to have your fingerprints taken, such as for a possible employment opportunity, Certifix Live Scan makes it easy. We specialize in fingerprinting, both electronic and traditional, for employees and other agencies. As a potential employee, it may be necessary to submit to a background check. Part of this background check involves sending your fingerprints to various agencies, such as the FBI, to determine whether your background fits within the job’s requirements.

We utilize a Live Scan process that takes electronic images of your fingerprints. These digital images are forwarded to the appropriate agencies for your background check. It normally does not take long for the requesting agency – your prospective employer – to receive the results of the background check. Once your background check is complete, you can proceed with the next step of the hiring process. Fingerprints are our business, and we take our business seriously. Contact us today to learn more about digital fingerprinting.


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