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Difference between Level I and standard fingerprint clearance card

The Fingerprint Clearance Card is a crucial document in Arizona, with its two distinct types offering different clearance levels. These two types, the Level I and Standard Fingerprint Clearance Cards, were established according to a law enacted in 2009 by the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). Explanation of Level I and Standard Fingerprint Clearance…

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Ink Fingerprinting A Detailed Walkthrough of the FD-258 Fingerprint Card

A Detailed Walkthrough of the FD-258 Fingerprint Card

The FD-258 fingerprint card is an essential tool for capturing and recording fingerprint data, known and used by various agencies across the United States. Developed by The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), this little card has a significant role in law enforcement, employment checks, licensing, and more. This blog post will explore the benefits of…

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Ink Fingerprinting Evolution of Fingerprint Card Services From Ink to Digital (1)

Evolution of Fingerprint Card Services: From Ink to Digital

From its humble beginnings in the 19th century, fingerprinting has evolved substantially, journeying from simple ink to intricate digital systems. The journey has reshaped how fingerprinting is done and significantly impacted fields like law enforcement and healthcare. This blog post will walk you through the fascinating evolution of Fingerprint Identification Services, highlighting both the traditional…

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Ink Fingerprinting cls ink fingerprinting

How to Obtain Ink Fingerprints for Background Check Processing

Imagine you’re about to embark on an exciting new journey—a brand-new job, a move to a different country, or perhaps you’re adopting a beautiful child! One final step between you and your dream is obtaining ink fingerprints for background check processing. What does this entail, and how can I complete it as smoothly and efficiently…

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