How much does a Live Scan cost?

So your employer or licensing agency has asked you to do a Live Scan Fingerprint and you want to know how much it will cost?

The break down for the price of a Live Scan is very simple:

- Rolling Fee: $20 – $25

- DOJ Fee: $32

- FBI Fee: $17

- Child Fee: $15

- DOJ Fee for Record Review: $25

If you want to know how much will be the cost of your Live Scan Fingerprint transaction, you need to look on your Request for Live Scan form and see which levels of service are checked off (DOJ, FBI, etc…)

If both the DOJ and the FBI are checked off on your form and the site is charging $20 for the rolling fee, you would pay a total of $69 ($20+ $32 + $17).

Billing Number:

If you have  a Billing Number on your form, then you will only have to pay the Rolling Fee and the other government fees will be paid by your Requesting Agency or Employer. So if you want to save money on your Live Scan, try to see if you can get that billing number!

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