Mobile Live Scan nationwide mobile service

Nationwide Mobile Live Scan

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Certifix Live Scan offers mobile live scan fingerprinting services nationwide!

The Certifix Live Scan mobile team can travel to you, to process your live scan fingerprints for the California Department of Justice and the FBI.

Any company or individual that needs a Live Scan Fingerprint service has one of two options:

  • They can travel to a Certifix location.
  • Schedule the Certifix Mobile Live Scan Team to come out to their place of business.

The advantages of mobile live scan

We come out to you, there is no need to bother yourself with a trip all the way to the Certifix Live Scan facility; special note that there may be special travel fees or minimum number of applicants required depending on your location.
Simply call our toll free number (714) 790-1917 Ext. 2 to schedule a mobile live scan/fingerprint service today!

Important facts:
#1 – Most mobile Live Scan Fingerprint providers have a single operator, we have a large network of mobile fingerprint (or Live Scan) operators nationwide.

#2 – Fingerprints sometimes do get rejected for quality during a mobile service, we come back process any re-submissions for FREE.

#3 – We have experience in processing hundreds of applicants at large events, we can give you insight into the process and the steps that you need to take to make sure that it is efficient and cost-effective.

#4 – We have a toll free 24/7/365 support line that you can call with any questions or last minute notices that need to be sent out to the Mobile Live Scan tech.

#6 – We’ll make sure that you get your fingerprint reports and will provide you with the contact phone numbers and agencies that you need to contact to make sure that you get ALL Live Scan/Fingerprint reports.

#5 – We will match any price quoted to you by another mobile livescan/fingerprint provider.

#6 – We offer a money back guarantee on all live scan or fingerprint transactions.

Now…. Why should you work with Certifix Live Scan? The answer is SIMPLE

Answer: We are the Most Trusted Name in Live Scan. Your transactions will be submitted electronically to the requesting agencies, we will provide you with a money-back guarantee on all of our work, and most importantly we have a large network of mobile live scan and fingerprint providers nationwide waiting to serve you!

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One thought on “Nationwide Mobile Live Scan

  1. I am in Mexico and I need a Live Scan for my CPA certification in California.
    I can drive to El Paso for this or if you have a better option.

    The 800-710-1934 phone number does not
    connect for international calls do you have another number?

    I would like to take care of this as soon as possible.


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