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Top 10 online shopping sites for Black Friday 2021

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Published on November 1, 2021 at 01:00 am

Updated on November 16th, 2021 at 02:22 pm

It’s that time again, that wonderful time of the year with great sales, feverish online deals, and discounts like never before. November is well-known as Black November with its amazing sales from all retail stores. We have Black Friday, pre-sales of Black Friday, Thanksgiving sales, and Cyber Monday. Some of these sales start the week preceding Thanksgiving and last until the end of the month!

Every year online shopping on Black Friday is more than the year before, and why wouldn’t it be? It’s great! With online shopping you can avoid the long waiting in lines, being shoved and fighting over items, and the “out of stock” terror that happens too soon.

But as amazing as online shopping is, we need to be careful. Unfortunately, with the holidays come all the fake ads and shady online sellers. To guarantee you won’t get scammed, it’s best to shop at reputable stores. There are thousands of online stores to shop from that are well known, however, there are a few that live up to their reputation and will satisfy your needs.

We’ve gathered a list of the best online websites with the hottest Black Friday deals and pre-sales for the whole week!

1. Amazon:

Of course, Amazon needs no introduction and has to be our number one choice for Black Friday and Thanksgiving deals. When you think online shopping, Amazon is the first place that comes to mind (rightfully so). You can count on Amazon to find whatever you need from clothes, electronics, and appliances to grocery, furniture, and more.

Amazon is a worldwide retailer and the number one online store in the US and the world. This year Amazon is no different than any other and doesn’t fail to deliver offering all week Black Friday pre-sales. The pre-sales started from November 17 and will last up to November 24, prepping buyers for the big deals.

However, at midnight on Thanksgiving is where the real excitement begins with its exclusive sales and competitive prices that’ll last to Black Friday. Amazon is definitely the first place for shopping on this special day with great sales on electronics like smartphones, TVs, tablets, and more.

2. eBay:

eBay is no newcomer to the e-commerce world; in fact, its innovative approach of allowing businesses and consumers to sell and buy online was a game-changer. It became popular for its convenience and is the best platform to sell or buy a variety of goods. It has a massive online auction platform and a buy it now option for instant purchases.

What makes eBay great is that its prices vary according to the item’s condition. You can choose to buy something brand new or refurbished; it’s especially great for smartphones.

eBay this year has a Black Friday week and the Thanksgiving deals will start from November 23 at 5 AM. So get ready for early morning shopping battles!

3. Walmart:

Walmart is everyone’s favorite brick and mortar, retail store. And these last few years, they’ve proved their presence in e-commerce as well. Walmart offers competitive prices, items in every category from groceries to electronics, and is a fierce competitor to Amazon.

Walmart is known to always have amazing discounts throughout the year and weekly ads on its website. This year, the sales hit early as their website has already started teasing with ads and will go live on November 23 at 6 PM.

4. Target:

This is one retailer to be reckoned with; Target is the second largest discount retailer in the United States. Target’s Black Friday ads are available now on their website and will be in action on November 23 at 6 PM. Also, for online shoppers, there will be exclusive deals, free shipping on most orders, and same day store pickups.

REDcard holders can start shopping with access to hot deals today! Now on their website, they also have a pre-Black Friday clothing sale.

5. Best Buy:

Best Buy is a multinational consumer electronics store with a wide range of brands known to have some of the hottest deals of the whole year.

Their captivating ads are live on their website and are valid from November 23 – 25, and doorbusters can head to the stores on Thanksgiving from 6 PM and Friday from 8 AM. With a bonus, they’re offering free shipping on everything all season long.

Now, you can visit their website for pre-sales like great Samsung deals and other discounts.

6. Kohls:

Kohl’s had noticeable success these last few years with online revenue and they’re only getting higher. The Black Friday offers are available now online and valid for shopping and will be available in stores from Thursday at 5 PM.

They have a promo code available for an extra %15 discount and $15 Kohl’s cash for purchases over $50, so go now to Kohl’s website and start your shopping!

7. Newegg:

Newegg, an online retailer for computer hardware and electronics has also kicked off Black Friday sale this year with a $25 discount on purchases for $200 or more using masterpass and have free shipping on all orders. Throughout the year, they usually have tempting daily deals to check out too.

This is a definite destination for all tech lovers offering sales on the latest gaming goods and electronics. All sales are valid until Saturday, November 25, 2019.

8. Macy’s:

The fashion clothing and accessories store is the largest retail chain in the United States and is actively playing a role online with over 100 early Black Friday specials until it goes live with its great deals on November 22 – 25, with an official countdown on their website.

Enjoy shopping online at their website or phone app. and check Macy’s website for extra promo codes for 20% off in specific departments and a $10 discount on purchases over $25 or more.

9. Home Depot:

Home Depot is the number one website to go to for home improvement supplies, appliances, or home decor with the best prices.

Their Black Friday sale will go live on Thanksgiving with free shipping on most orders and free in-store pickup.

10. J.C. Penney:

J.C. Penney joins the big leagues like Macy’s and Kohl’s with high online sales last year and promising sales this year. Their online Black Friday sale starts at midnight, Thanksgiving.

Go to the Black Friday website now to stay up-to-date with all the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales. There are a lot of online stores to shop from in the holidays, so dig into your savings and keep an eye out for hot deals that sell out quickly!

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