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Why You Should Sign Up For A Live Scan Billing Account?

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When you send your potential employees or volunteers for a Live Scan fingerprint background check – wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way not to ask them to pay for it out of pocket? There is! At Certifix Live Scan you can easily sign up for a Live Scan Billing Account.
It’s really simple and convenient – you can pay for all of the Live Scans in one simple monthly payment with a detailed bill for your accounting records.

Certifix Live Scan has a network-wide Account Billing program so that anyone who needs to have a background check can go into any participating Certifix Live Scan location (call first for hours of operation and/or an appointment), along with the necessary Request for Live Scan Service forms, your ID and Account Billing Notice – and get their fingerprints Live Scanned. All with no need to pay upfront at the location or get reimbursed by you at a later time.

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In addition, our professional certified operators can travel to you to conduct a Mobile Live Scan fingerprinting event. Our Mobile Live Scan service is efficient and cost effective, and the service is available anytime or day, evenings and weekends with a 24 to 48 hour notice. We offer support before and after the mobile event, and ensure that all transactions are transmitted within 24 hours to the DOJ and/or FBI. Plus, we offer free re-submissions on any transactions that were rejected for quality.

A Certifix Live Scan Billing Account is a great way to free up your accounting department to do more important things. The Live Scan fees will be added to your bill, and once a month Certifix Live Scan will send you a bill for the Live Scans completed for the month. There is also a toll free phone number that you or your applicants can call to get free assistance.

Certifix Live Scan’s Account Billing program is convenient for you and convenient for your applicants. There is no need for them to have to pay for the Live Scan out of pocket, and there is no need for you to be concerned with any reimbursements.

With the trusted, fast and convenient fingerprint background checks you have already come to love, why not try Certifix Live Scan’s Billing Account for your Live Scan payment needs?
Please visit us at CertifixLiveScan.com to find your nearest location, or give us a call at 1-800-710-1934, or email us at support@certifixlivescan.com.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a "Billing Number"?

    The billing number is a code assigned by the Department of Justice to an agency so that the agency is billed directly for government fees. 

    It consists of 6 numbers and is located on the live scan request form. 

    It will zero out the government fees in Cscan.

  • What if site has a question about the DOJ bill/invoice?

    If the site Owner calls and has a question about the DOJ invoice, please direct them to call the Dept. of Justice at the phone number listed on the invoice. If they ask about a charge on the DOJ bill for “15/30 SRCHG DSS BILLED” that will show a $10 fee. The gov fee is $59. CScan does show a DOJ fee of $59. But the DOJ invoice breaks it down to $32 plus $17 plus $10

  • Who can I contact to pay an invoice?

    Please contact our billing department by phone at 1-800-710-1934 ext 4 or by email at Billing@CertifixLiveScan.com

  • What do I do if the billing number on the live scan form is showing as invalid?

    It means that the DOJ is saying that it doesn’t correspond with the agency. 

    The applicant must call the agency, if the agency says that it is correct then they must contact the DOJ to update their information with DOJ.

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