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6 Reasons Why We Love Live Scan

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Livescan is a modern way of taking fingerprints to perform background check needed for getting a job, joining a nonprofit organization, or even issuing a license. Fingerprint technicians capture fingerprints digitally through special scanners and the images are instantly transferred without using snail mail.

#1 Faster

You must’ve figured that out already. Livescan is super fast. Images are digitally transferred from live scan centers (where they are originally captured) to the DOJ (California’s Department of Justice) for verification. Once images are verified, the DOJ digitally transfers the results to the requesting agency (an employer or a license issuer).

Results are delivered in only 2 days. Ink cards are different; they are delivered through snail mail which is a complete waste of time.

#2 Better Quality

What is great about the live scan is that there is no ink. No fingerprints will be harmed during capturing fingerprints. Ink is messy. It smears the cards and leaves the applicants with stains on their fingers. Digital scanning of fingerprints is way easier. Fingerprints are scanned and not covered with ink.

Also, the technicians can take as many images as they like to ensure quality and if the image quality is not up to the DOJ standards, the live scan software will instantly reject it. So, live scan offers high-quality fingerprint images with no smudging or smearing that can be found in ink cards.

#3 Popular

Livescan is becoming very popular nowadays. The fact that it is easy and the results come out quickly encourages everyone to request it as an essential requirement for joining any agency. Instead of waiting for 2 months for traditional ink card results, your employer or requesting agency get your results in just 2 days.

If you are clear, you will get your dream job right away. Because it’s easy, fast, neat, and offers high-quality images, almost all requesting agencies ask candidates to get a live scan. So, there’s a huge chance the next time you’re asked to present a background check it’s going to be live scan.

#4 Trusted

A lot of agencies request it because of its importance in ensuring a safe workplace and society. No matter who you want to hire or give license to, you should make sure they can be trusted and live scan offers that in the fastest way possible. Of all the background check methods out there, the live scan is the best.

When you go for a live scan, your fingerprints will be compared to the criminal records database of California (DOJ background check) and/or criminal records database of the U.S. (FBI background check). These databases contain records collected from courts and police stations so they give a clear idea of a person’s misconducts, felonies, or crimes. Other background checks that do not cross fingerprint images to official criminal records databases do not give the whole picture.

#5 Available

With live scan, locations are available everywhere across the state of California, so it’s not hard to find a location where you can get fingerprinted. You can find the nearest location to get the live scan by clicking here.

#6 Mobile

When you don’t feel like going to get a live scan, live scan comes to you. No matter who you are, you can call and a technician will come to have you or your employees fingerprinted wherever you are. Requesting a mobile live scan is very easy.

So here is why we love live scan. Unlike traditional ink cards, the live scan is modern, easy, fast and completely awesome.

Please visit us at CertifixLiveScan.com to find your nearest location, or give us a call at 1-800-710-1934, or email us at support@certifixlivescan.com.


Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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