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What is the Best Background Check Available?

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Are you starting a business anytime soon, or expanding your already thriving business? Well, you cannot do that without an important asset, more important than finances, equipment, and company premises.

Human beings are your number one asset for success and without them, your business is nothing. Of course, they have to be talented, and smart, but are they trustworthy? Do you trust them with your money and company premises? And most importantly, do you trust them with your clients and customers. If not, then there are measures to take as soon as you can to make sure you are choosing the right employees: live scan background checks.

Untrustworthy employees can harm your business, so a good start for you is to request background checks before hiring new employees.

#1 No Identity Theft or Mistakes

Background screening platforms that use names to conduct background checks are not trustworthy. They only check with names or other information like social security numbers With names, people can have similar names, change their names, adopt a new identity or steal someone else’s.

You want the background check to be reliable and you cannot do that by just checking the names or personal information of your candidates. You need a live scan. Livescan is a background check that uses biometric identifiers (fingerprints). It is a system that digitally captures fingerprints. Fingerprints leave no room for mistakes or errors.

People can fake their names to adopt new identities, but they cannot escape the uniqueness of their fingerprints.

#2 Official Fingerprint Criminal Databases

The best thing about the live scan is that fingerprint images captured are crossed against official fingerprint criminal databases (DOJ, FBI, or both). This ensures that results are accurate. California’s Department of Justice, also known as the DOJ, has records from police stations, court records, etc. They have a large database of criminal activity in California.

Also, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has records of all convictions, arrests of all the states of America. So, when conducting background checks, images captured through live scan is crossed against official databases to check whether there is something on your applicant’s record or not.

#3 Live Scan is Fast

Last but not least the livescan process is fast. You’d think that live scan takes time considering that fingerprint images are crossed against fingerprint criminal databases, but fortunately it doesn’t. Other quick-turnaround background check companies that use names and other personal information and not biometric identifiers like (fingerprints) give fast results, but they don’t cross fingerprint images to fingerprint criminal databases, so the results are not trustworthy.

With a live scan, your candidates will be scanned in a matter of minutes and the results of background checks will be transmitted from the DOJ to you in just 2 days. That means you can start hiring people without any delay.

Livescan is an easy, fast and trustworthy way of conducting background checks for employment. With other background checks, they may fool you with fake identities, but when it comes to live scan, fingerprints are a unique biometric identifier, something that cannot be changed.

Livescan is not a luxury of the few. It’s a system that ensures a safe work environment that many companies have already included in the hiring process and you can join them.

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