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4 Things to Do Before You Visit a Live Scan Location

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To get fingerprinted easily and quickly, you should prepare for your live scan visit. Knowing what to bring with you for a live scan is essential. Here is all you need to do before you visit a certified live scan location.

#1 Ask for the Correct Live Scan Form

Chances are you’ve been asked for a live scan background check from an employer, a license issuer, a nonprofit organizer, or a law enforcement agency. Whoever asked for a live scan is called a requesting agency. The requesting agency should provide a live scan form or tell you which one to use.

The nature of business/organization dictates the background check requirement. Only requesting agencies know what their background check requirements are and no two requesting agencies are the same. So the first step is to ask for the correct live scan form from your requesting agency.


#2 Fill Out the Form

Once you get the live scan form that you need, you must fill it out before you head for the live scan location. Remember a live scan technician doesn’t know information requested for the form and cannot help you with it.

You need to provide personal information like address, eye color, and date of birth and only you can provide that information. Plus, the requesting agency’s Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) and its mail code should be on the form. Your requesting agency will provide you with this information.

The ORI is the code assigned by California’s Department of Justice and is essential along with the mail code for facilitating live scan requests and helping the DOJ transmit live scan results to the requesting agency. For more information about how to fill out a live scan form.

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#3 Find the Nearest Live Scan Location

Go online and find the nearest live scan location to you. It makes your life easier to go to a location that you can drive to or walk to within minutes. So this is the step that you should do after filling out the form. Certifix Live Scan has 200 live scan locations across California.

All locations have the best tools and also experienced fingerprint rollers. You can search either by your city or a zip code. To find a nearby location, click here.


#4 Contact the Live Scan Location

Before visiting the live scan center, you should give them a call to find out about the working hours. For some locations, appointment is needed. Also, payment methods differ. So you need to make sure that you have cash, credit card or whatever the location accepts.

It’s such a waste of time to go without having the accepted method of payment or to find that the location is closed. So, to save both time and effort, give the live scan location a call.

When you prepare yourself for the visit, everything just runs smoothly with no unpleasant turn of events. Filling out the form in advance makes you leave the live scan center as fast as possible. Having the accepted method of payment and knowing when the location is open or not decreases your chance of leaving and coming again.

Just remember the easy steps: request the correct live scan form from your requesting agency, fill out the form, look for a convenient location online, and then contact the location to find out about the operating hours and accepted methods of payment.

For more information about Certifix Live Scan digital fingerprinting services, live scan locations, or more, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you.

Please visit us at CertifixLiveScan.com to find your nearest location, or give us a call at 1-800-710-1934, or email us at support@certifixlivescan.com.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to get a live scan?

    The requesting agency should provide you with a “request for live scan service form”. You will need to fill that out, you will also need to bring a primary form of I.D. such as a Driver’s license or a CA ID

  • How long does it take to perform the Live Scan?

    The live scan fingerprinting usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

  • How much does live scan cost?

    The fingerprint rolling fee typically ranges between $25-35, these are in addition to the applicable government fees depending on the level of service required by your agency.
    The typical fees are Department of Justice (DOJ) $32 and FBI $17. 
    These fees may range depending on the type of agency requesting your live scan.

  • Where do I get the Live Scan request form?

    The agency that is requesting the Live Scan must provide you with the Request For Live Scan Service form. Your requesting agency should have their information entered for you on the “contributing agency information” section of the form. Live scan locations will not have the live scan request form for you on site.

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