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Fingerprint Systems Becoming Faster and Faster For Law Enforcement

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In an article by Lauren Sievert in My Record Journal, she reported that Meriden, CT city police detectives, Stephen Burstein, and George Clements, trained on a new system which will allow the police department to process fingerprints even faster due to a new database system.
The new system is connected by Connecticut, Rhode Island, and FBI databases. Burstein said state databases store fingerprints from anyone arrested and fingerprinted. According to Sievert, the FBI database contains fingerprints of anyone convicted of a felony. Sievert said Meriden is the fifth department in the state to obtain a remote terminal to run its own latent prints.
Sievert quoted Burstein:

“Having remote-terminal access to the database will eliminate the wait time for results from the state lab, which processes fingerprints from departments across the state, Burstein said.
After detectives scan a print at a crime scene, they mark it with yellow circles called minutiae, which flag certain areas as a means of identification. The system will use an algorithm to generate a list of potential matches.”

With more and more police departments improving their fingerprinting systems, it’s only fair the rest of the world keeps up with fingerprint technology as well. Certifix Live Scan aims at delivering the fastest and most up-to-date digital fingerprint system available. Certifix Live Scan sends results to the Department of Justice as well as the FBI. With our fast technology working in conjunction with these types of police department fingerprint systems, security and background checks will be quicker and more accurate.

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