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Background Checks: How Can It Affect Your Chances of Being Hired?

Background checks are a major step in the employment process; companies of all sizes need to conduct background checks on applicants before hiring. Even if you’re the best candidate that’s applied for a position, if something appears through the background checks like a conviction on your record or previous substance use, it can highly affect…

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Background Check Ask Your Marriage

Should You Ask Your Marriage Partner to Submit an FBI-Background Check?

In the simplest terms, yes, you can ask your marriage partner for an FBI background check. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and a bond of trust. Before getting totally committed, both partners should be completely sure about each other’s credentials, personal details, and characters. A…

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Hiring Employees: How to Run a Criminal Background Check?

Whether you’re hiring a teacher, accountant, or janitor, a criminal background check is a cornerstone in the hiring process. There are multiple types of background checks like employment verification, education verification, motor vehicle, and driver record, drug, and alcohol test, and more. But today we’re going to discuss a criminal background check and how it’s…

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Background Check Need for Speed

Need for Speed: Why does a Background Check Need to Be Fast and Reliable?

In today’s competitive job market, top talent isn’t easy to come by and so, having a precise and fast hiring process in place is very important. When you’ve gone through recruiting, interviewing, and assessments, a delay in the final stage of hiring, running background checks, can be frustrating. This isn’t only a problem for the…

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