Live Scan Fingerprinting Fingerprinting

Wondering Where Can I Get Fingerprinted? Let Us Help You

Fingerprints are unique to each person. Your fingerprints are not going to match the fingerprints of your neighbor. That is why fingerprints can be such a valuable tool for identification purposes. When a prospective employer requests a background check, you will need to submit to fingerprinting. The fingerprints will be run through various agencies to…

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Live Scan Fingerprinting Law Enforcement

Fingerprint Systems Becoming Faster and Faster For Law Enforcement

In an article by Lauren Sievert in My Record Journal, she reported that Meriden, CT city police detectives, Stephen Burstein, and George Clements, trained on a new system which will allow the police department to process fingerprints even faster due to a new database system.The new system is connected by Connecticut, Rhode Island, and FBI…

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Live Scan Fingerprinting Delays

Live Scan Result Delays

After Certifix Live Scan trained technician conducts your live scan fingerprint session. The results are returned to the applicant agency within three days, delays can occur though. Applicants should check, for the first seven days, with the applicant agency that requested the background review since the DOJ sends results directly to the applicant agency. What…

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