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Why Should I Use Live Scan?

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More and more people are being required to complete and pass a background check before being hired for a job or volunteer in a variety of professions.

Some only require a simple background check and these have their flaws, but some want a very comprehensive thorough one that seemingly wants to know every lie you’ve ever told even the little white once you told in the third grade, OK maybe not that thorough, but you get the idea they want to know a complete criminal history.

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The fastest, best quality, most popular and most reliable approach to a complete thorough background check out there is a Live Scan.

Who may need a Live Scan?  Teachers, caregivers, coaches, foster parents, people applying for foreign adoption, doctors, nurses, contractors, security guards, people applying for an immigration VISA, real estate licensees, appraisers, and notaries just to give an idea.  Pretty much anyone may at some point need a Live Scan.

Live Scan is fast because once you receive the paperwork requesting the Live Scan all you have to do is fill it out, find a location, and make an appointment. Once you go to your appointment and have your fingerprints scanned the whole process is done by a trained and certified Live Scan technician and only takes 5-10 minutes.

Once completed the fingerprints are electronically submitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for verification and from there the agency or employer that requested the Live Scan gets the results in just 2 days.  Compared to up to 2 months using traditional ink fingerprinting cards and postal mail.

Live Scan provides digital fingerprinting so the images are always clear.  If the first scan isn’t perfect the certified technician can immediately rescan them before submitting your fingerprints to the DOJ. This eliminates messy ink and smudged prints.  There is no over inking or under inking.

There is no chance of going through the messy process of getting your fingerprints done the traditional way, having the card mailed in by postal mail waiting weeks only to find out for some reason the prints were just not legible only to have to start the whole process again.
Meanwhile, the candidate you thought was perfect for the job has found another job because he or she just couldn’t keep waiting for the background check to be completed.  Don’t let this happen to you when there is a faster, more reliable, better quality method out there.

Live Scan locations are conveniently located, usually minutes away from your home, office or business and mobile scanning are available for groups of 3 or more so you don’t even have to come to an office.

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